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RAAF Amberley Band Constititution

1. The band is to be formally known as the “RAAF Amberley Band” and may be further divided into a Brass Band and a Pipes and Drums band”.Hereafter the Amberley Band will be referred to as the Band. The Band is formed as a Welfare club at RAAF Amberley. The Bands activities are to be overseen by an OIC Band. The OIC Band reports to the OIC RAAF Welfare RAAF Amberley. Both the Brass band and Pipes and Drums band are to each elect a management committee in accordance with this constitution who are to undertake all management activities of their respective band and are to report to the OIC Band.


2. The objectives of the Band are as follows:

  1. to enhance morale through the fostering and enhancement of musicianship amongst the RAAF Amberley community,
  2. to provide a competent and viable band to represent RAAF Amberley in the local community,
  3. to provide a musical service to base management for official engagements as requested, and
  4. promote musicianship amongst younger members of the local community.


3. Application to join the band may be made through the use of the application form at Annex A to this document. Final approval to join the band will be made by each bands management committee and the OIC Band whose decision will be based on current strength of the band, type of membership sought and the applicant’s potential to contribute towards the objectives of the band.

4. A member may resign from the band at any time by giving notice in writing to their respective bands’ Secretary. Resignation letters shall be passed to the OIC Band for filing. The members’ resignation shall take effect as of the date requested by the resigning member.

5. Each Band Secretary shall keep a nominal role of all members and a full record of member’s attendance at rehearsals and performances.Members who fail to attend a minimum of 50 percent of all scheduled rehearsals may have their membership terminated at the discretion of the management committee.


6. Each Band shall elect a management committee at the AGM. The management committee shall administer the band.Each band may elect additional positions at the discretion of the respective Band President. An individual may hold more than one committee position. The following outlines the minimum management committee positions applicable to each band:

  1. OIC Band.
  2. President.
  3. Secretary.
  4. Treasurer.
  5. Property Member.
  6. Pipe Major – (Pipes and Drums Band only).
  7. Musical Director – (Brass Band only).
  8. Deputy Musical Director - (Brass Band only).
  9. Librarian – (Brass Band only).
  10. The responsibilities of each of the above committee positions are detailed in Annex B to this document.


8. Each band shall hold and Annual General Meeting (AGM) where decisions on the bands future direction, election of office holders and other matters are to be tabled and voted on. A minimum agenda for the AGM is detailed at annex C. The notice of the AGM is to be advertised in the RAAF Amberley Information Circular at least two weeks prior to the meeting and the band Secretary is to forward the minutes of the meeting to the OIC Band for ratification. In addition, each band shall hold committee meetings at least monthly to discuss band operational matters and to make decisions relevant to the bands operation.

9. The business and affairs of the band shall be under the control of the management committee.The committee shall not take any action contrary to decisions made at a general meeting of the band membership.

10. The management committee will be elected at the AGM. Each appointment shall be for a period of one year or until the next AGM.Should a vacancy occur in the committee due to resignation, the management committee may appoint or fill such vacancy until the next general meeting.


11. Applicable to the Brass band only, all members of the band are to pay an annual membership fee of $30. The membership fees become payable as of the AGM for that year (end of June) with fees to be paid in full by the last day of August each year. Membership fees collected are to be separately accounted for and are only to be used by the band to offset the costs of band group travel to performances. Should a member be non financial at the time of drawdown on these funds, that member shall not be entitled to have the costs of their travel offset. As new members join the band, they will not be required to pay the membership until the fee become payable after the next AGM in the year of them joining the band.

12. Each Band may operate a bank account to hold funds generated from performance revenue. Use of these funds will be at the discretion of the band committee. All accounts are to remain in credit at all times. In the event of disbandment of either band; and once accounts are settled, any remaining funds are to be credited to the remaining bands account. In the event of both bands disbanding then all Band assets and funds are to be transferred to RAAF Welfare.All bank accounts are to be operated by a minimum of two signatories.


13. A property register is to be maintained by the each band to account for all Band equipment. All Equipment loaned out by the band (including the issue of uniforms and instruments) is to be issued on temporary issue.An annual 100 percent stock take is to be conducted by the Property Member and one other member of the Management Committee with any shortfall being reported to OIC band. The result of the stock take is to be reported to the AGM.

Grounds for Dismissal

14. The grounds for Dismissal from the Band is outlined in Annex D to this document.

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